Words from Previous Clients Of San Antonio Home Inspector Rod Stewardson

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Previous Clients

Outstanding!!! My wife’s brother recommended you and I am here to tell the world, your inspection is well worth the price and very thorough. We will be asking you to come out again 10-11 months to ensure the items you identified were taking care of. We feel great knowing you identified areas we would not have known about which will definitely save us time and future damage.

Thanks again for your detailed oriented inspection of our home and we would gladly recommend your services.

S & R Small


We greatly appreciate your professionalism and expertise with our inspection. Not only did you come out on a holiday, but you took your time and paid attention to the details! You came highly recommended to us, as we will highly recommend you to others! It’s hard to come across business etiquette like yours these days!

Thanks again,
J & M Akers



Rod, Thanks very much for the very thorough inspection of my prospective new home. I appreciate the time you took to review the details of the inspection on-site and the comprehensive post-inspection report you provided for my agent and I. I would be happy to recommend your services to both buyers and sellers.

Regards, Bill Purvis



I was very satisfied with my recent inspection! Rod was very thorough and took the time to explain his findings to me, which as someone who is purchasing their first home, I really appreciated. I would highly recommend Rod as your next Home Inspector! Thanks, Rod!




Thank you so much for your wonderful home inspection report. You exceeded my expectations. You were very thorough and detailed. The addition of pictures made it so much easier for buyers to remember what needs to be addressed in the home they are purchasing. When you explained your observations to me and my realtor last Saturday, I came out more informed about the townhouse. It was a pleasure doing business with you.




Rod has done an incredible job on all the inspections he has ever done for me, my family and friends have purchased and the homes were I represented the buyer. He has always been very professional in his work and he gets the job done. He is always my first choice when recommending a home inspector, and I want to thank him for all his hard work.

Travis Reed | REALTOR




As it was with the first home inspection you did for us, great job! The pictures are very convenient. Both times you were there before I arrived, and your mixture of relaxed professionalism is appreciated during this stressful time. What I mean by that is thanks for not letting my ignorance annoy you. You always took the extra time to answer my questions and address some of my concerns about the house. You also provide helpful tips for preventive maintenance I had never known. Your extensive knowledge gave me the confidence I need to move forward with this purchase, to know what is needed immediately and what I need to work on in the future. It wasn’t just an inspection, but a lesson.




You were highly recommended and when I met you I instantly knew that you were someone of integrity. Your inspection was thorough, and you took the time to walk me through all your findings and patiently answer my questions. I really appreciate the time you took and would absolutely recommend you to my friends.

Thanks again,



Thank you Rod for your very thorough, detailed and indepth housing inspection. Your suggestions and explanations were very much appreciated. I would recommend your services to anyone that needs a housing inspection.

D. Hanks



Conner and I cannot thank you enough for working with our travel schedule and taking the time to inspect our future home. You were extremely detail-oriented and took your time to make sure the inspection was thorough and complete, which was much appreciated as first time home-buyers (who are also new to Texas)! I thank you for your explanations to my many questions – you went above and beyond to make sure we understood the unique aspects to the house, the obvious as well as the not-so-obvious. We feel extremely comfortable moving forward due to your inspection and subsequent recommendations. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better – thank you!!




Rod was able to schedule my home inspection within 24 hours. Rod was very thorough and took the time to photograph and explain all of his findings. This was my 3rd time going through a home inspection and can say that Rod was by far the most thorough and customer oriented. I highly recommend this company and would refer my friends and family members without hesitation

D. Mason



Rod, It was a pleasure meeting you last friday morning. your thorough inspection and detailed report are extemely helpful in determining whether or not to go forward with the contract on this house. thank you very much.

Nick Melde



Just wanted to thank you for your thorough and detailed inspection. Your attention to detail brought deficiencies to the builder’s attention and even educated him on some building standards requirements. You pointed out some critical items, especially in areas not normally seen such as the roof and attic, that could have resulted in serious and expensive deterioration’s in the future. Thanks for a job well done.

Freddie Peralta



Rod, I want to thank you for the recent inspection of my future home. The stress of building a house can be overwhelming at times. Your second phase inspection gave my wife and me the assurance that our new house is being properly constructed. By taking the time to answer all of our concerns and provide invaluable advice, I felt you genuinely cared. I know there will be more things to worry about during the process, but having the inspection gives us the peace of mind that we needed.

Joseph Johnson



I would like to express my gratitude for the thoroughness of my inspection on our new residence in Schertz, Texas. Rod was completely thorough,and professional. I would highly recommend him for future inspections.

Pat Kidd



Thank you, Rod, for the thorough and professional inspection you performed on my house prior to closing and again at the one year anniversary of our closing. I appreciate the useful explanations you provided and am impressed with your wealth of knowledge. I feel confident in your report and would recommend your services to anyone in need of a home inspection. I am copying my Realtor on this email so that he recommends your services to his future clients also.

Bea Nekrosius



We first met Rod when he was the inspector for the prospective buyers on OUR home. And as any seller will confess, you’re always skeptical & suspicious of an inspector when he is standing between you and the eventual sale of your home. But even with my eager, overly-critical eye, I couldn’t find any fault with his inspection for our prospective buyers. It was obvious that he was very fair, thorough & knowledgeable. He was extremely careful in his explanations & always encouraged questions from both sides. We must have called him 4-5 times post-inspection for questions & advice, and we were the SELLERS! So when it came time for us to buy a home (a 30 yr old home), I knew exactly who I wanted to call. I’d recommend him to anyone I know; and if we ever buy or sell again, we will definitely request his services.

Mika Beverly



Thank you for completing such a thorough and professional inspection on our soon to be new home. Your suggestions and explanations helped us know what really needs to be done before we close, and that nothing very serious is wrong. It feels good to know this property was a good choice for us. We will be happy to recommend you to anyone who needs an inspection before buying a home.

Best regards,
Jim and Betty Allport



Mr. Stewardson,
I wanted to express my thanks to you and your company for providing such an outstanding and detailed report showing all the discrepancies with our home. You are a true professional and pay “attention to detail” (typical military style) and I would highly recommend you to anyone asking for a home inspection. If you need a recommendation for a commission in the USAF….say the word…we need “quality” people like yourself and your company. Feel free to contact me at any time. Thank you again for the outstanding product.




Hi Rod,
I really appreciated meeting and working with you. Thank you for showing me all your findings and explaining the details. This house was newly remodeled and there were many things to examine. On such a hot day, over 100 degrees, you were so thorough and helpful. You have my full recommendation to others.

Lucy Greer Burton



Dear Rod,
I am very happy to have hired you to inspect the two houses that you did for me recently. Thank you for being so professional and honest. Thank you for such thorough inspections that lead me to make the right choice of house for my kids and me. I would definitely hire you again or recommend you to others in need of a home inspection.




Hello Rod,
I wanted to take this time to thank you for your help with the inspection on our new home. As first time home buyers, we are not 100% sure what to look for. With your assistance and thorough observation, you were able to spot things I would never have thought to look for. You have made Jillian and I feel just that much better that we are getting a good product and none of the headaches. I thank you for taking the time to explain everything in detail to us. Wish you and yours the best for you have made ours.

Jillian and Jeff



I was really happy with your inspection Rod. You were very personable and explained everything really well. You went over all the small things, explained new regulations, explained safety issues, and outlined what was a major issue and what was not. You gave tips on how to fix it and who to talk to.

Thanks, man,



Thank you! My wife and I really appreciated your professionalism. Most of all we didn’t realize how detailed your inspection would be. It has really been a relief to know we are getting our money’ worth in our new home. Thank you again. I have already recommended you to a coworker of mine.

Thank you,
Greg F.



I am very pleased with the thorough inspection and detailed report expeditiously emailed to me and all concerned on my clients’ property.

Andrew D. Thomas
Realtor Prudential Classic Realty



Very technical and up to date technology used to inspect my home. Rod is very intelligent and up to date with all technical data, specifications, and compliances. Very in-depth report of findings on home inspection. I was happy with professional service and have the satisfaction that my house was inspected very thoroughly. I would recommend for everyone to use.

Thanks Rod!



Since you are a veteran, you know that moving around can be even more stressful when you are in the military. When I finally decided to purchase a home for the first time I wanted to make sure I was getting a solid home with few defects. I was impressed by how meticulous you were during the inspection process. It reminded me of when I inspected aircraft as a C-5 crew chief. Thanks to you I feel that my family is safe in our new home. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is in the military, retired military or civilian.

20+ Years Active Duty Air Force



Thank you again for the very detailed inspection last weekend. Being a first time home buyer, I have been very stressed about the whole process. You took the time to explain everything in a manor that helped calm the nerves. I not only received a very useful report from you and your services, but also learned a great deal of valuable information as well. I will definitely recommend your services to all family and friends.

Thanks again,



We appreciate the professional manner in which you performed our inspection. I will be referring you to our neighbors.

Richard B.
Hill Country Retreat



Hi Rod,
I have spent a lot of time reading your report and I appreciate very much the thoroughness and professionalism. I would recommend you to anyone.

Bob Watson



Thank you for staying late and waiting for me to get off work. You are very skilled in your profession. My wife and I would like to thank you again. God bless you.

Mark & Joella



Thank you for the very detailed and in-depth report you performed. I especially enjoyed the knowledge you shared during the inspection, explaining why things have to be a certain way and what to look out for in the future, although they might look all right for now. I will definitely recommend you to any of my friends and co-workers in need of a housing inspector.

Thank you,
Scott P.



As noted in so many of your customer reviews, you are truly a person of competence, integrity, and good customer communication skills. You rarely find these traits all in one inspector. I am greatly appreciative that you were able to inspect our new home on a mere hours notice!! We would have had to wait until we could return to San Antonio 3 weeks later and possibly could have lost the bid, so, again thank you so much. Having picture references and a full, clear and accurate report are invaluable. You clearly discussed all problems of the house with us, and even made recommendations to how to maximize efficiency of certain equipment. You certainly go above and beyond all expectations.

Thank you so much.
Carmen and Charles



This is the second inspection Rod has completed for us, and as with the first, it is solid, professional, top-shelf work that is consistent, highly cost-effective, time-effective, and complete. A personable guy with the ability to convey his findings concisely and clearly, and deliver an excellent written report the same day.

Jeff and Candy



Dear Rod,

It was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for your services. I am appreciative of the time that you took to fully answer all of my questions, numerous that they were. Your report was detailed and professionally prepared. I take great comfort in knowing that my new home has been thoroughly inspected and should be able to service us dependably.

Best regards,



I want to take this opportunity to thank you for recent inspection of the home that I am interested in buying. I found you to be not only thorough and professional, but also very customer service oriented. I appreciate that you took the time to answer all of my questions in language that as a lay person was easy to understand. I would not hesitate to use your services again if the need arises and will recommend you to anyone who I know that may need a home inspection.

Again Thank You,



Thank you so much for your recent inspection. Your thoroughness and dedication to every detail helped in our decision to buy our home. We greatly appreciate the time you took to not only inspect our future home, but also to teach us how to properly maintain and care for our future home. As a first-time home-buyer this experience was priceless! Thank you so much!!!

Chris and Cammie



Thank you Rod for your fast response to inspect our “dream house.” We are transplants from New Jersey and only had three days left on our house finding trip to get the inspection done. You were very thorough and took your time to examine every inch of our house. Your final report captured all your findings in a very understandable language. Hopefully, I will not need to purchase another house but if I do, we will be sure to contact you to do the home inspection.

Thank you!
Terri Costales



Thank you, again, for the awesome job you did in inspecting our potential new home. You were very thorough and provided us with very detailed information about all aspects of the home that we should consider. You made us feel like you were part of the team whose goal was to protect our investment. We also appreciated your suggestions as to items we should consider to protect our investment. We highly recommend your services as an inspector without reservations.

Ed and Corrine



Thanks, Rod, for the thorough inspection of our future home. Our realtor highly recommended you and I can see why. We feel very confident in purchasing this home after your inspection and going over your detailed report with you that was very clear and concise.

Frank and Arleen



Thank you for the phenomenal job you did on the inspection. It proved
invaluable in brining several unknown issues to the seller’s attention and
helped us in dealing with our contractor as well. We would have misspent
some of our money we had budgeted for repairs and improvements without your

Take care. If I know anyone looking for a home inspector, I’ll make sure to
send them your way.




Thank you so much for your professional, detailed home inspection. We really appreciate the time you took to explain things and answer our first-time home buyer questions during the inspection. You put any worries we had to rest and made the entire process easier than we had expected! Thanks again.

Patrick and Tammy



Thanks for your thorough inspection and the report. I appreciate you working with me on short notice, and especially over the phone and by e-mail to get this done while I had to be out of town for a few days. With so much going on, this was one less thing I had to worry about. I appreciate your professionalism and prompt replies.




Thanks so much for doing the inspection…it looks like you saved us from a lifetime of work…. We love how thorough you are…houses are usually a persons single largest investment and this house would have been a horrible investment for us…thanks so much….worth every penny we spent on the inspection!




Thank you, Rod, for your recent inspection of my newly constructed home. I appreciate the extra set of “knowledgeable eyes” to check out all the systems. Your report is well organized and clearly illustrated which makes for easy reading!

Patti Jewett



I would highly recommend “Gitcho Professional Real Estate Inspectors”. If you need a home inspection, they are thorough and professional in every respect.

Wendell T. , Carol M.



I really appreciate how thorough you were when you did my inspection. I can honestly say I was very pleased that you took your time and went over everything and more importantly took the time to explain things to me.

Thank you again,

Sondra Eichenholz



Thanks for the detailed report and pictures; we just now finished reading through it for the first time. Will probably take a couple more times for everything to sink in. The news from the pool inspector was good. The settling of the pool is considered acceptable, but the pool equipment will need replacement and/or repair as you suggested. Thanks so much for your thoroughness and expertise. We will gladly recommend you to anyone who is need of a home inspection.

Manuel and Jo




Thanks for the excellent job on the inspection today. It is reassuring to know that although a few changes are needed, our new house was well built and in good order.

Chris Webb



Thank you very much for an excellent job. I have purchased several homes over the years but have never had a report delivered on the same day until now. The report was very detailed and clear with plenty of photos. Rod did a very thorough job and was helpful explaining his findings. Everyone was friendly and very professional. I highly recommend Gitcho.

George Bailey



Rod Stewardson inspected a condo that I was purchasing and I was very much impressed with his professional knowledge and thoroughness of the procedure. His debrief was, likewise, thorough and easy to understand with graphic pictures of potential trouble areas.

I highly recommend him and in fact if I have the need again I will insist that he be the one to do my inspection.

L.W. Svendsen, Jr.
Major General, USAF (ret)



Thank you very much for the comprehensive report. I have been trying to keep up with issues as they have arisen, but it is quite obvious that I have missed a lot.

The professionalism shown by both Rod and yourself made working with you a pleasure. Your services have added a lot of value and will ensure that Linda and I end up with a quality home.

Thanks again for your services, and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone requiring home inspection services.




Rod did an outstanding job! I will recommend him to anyone who needs a house inspected.

Sue Sim



George & Rod:
Thank you both for an awesome inspection job! You were both very knowledgeable and finished in a timely manner. Your report was thorough, in-depth and very informative. It was much more than we anticipated it would be. We are pleased that we chose you to work with and would gladly recommend you to others.

Best regards,
Bruce and Judi Boyd



George & Rod,
It was a pleasure meeting you both today. I appreciate how polite, professional and how through of an inspection ya’ll did on my Grandfathers home. We are always looking for topnotch inspectors to recommend to our Clients and our Real Estate Agents. I would like to get some of your business cards for the future. If you could mail me some I would appreciate it.

Michele Rowe
Fred Flores & Co.



George & Rod:
My clients were very happy with your service. They mentioned you promptness, your care in your work, your explanations and your personalities.

Thank You,
Sidne Eagan
Century 21



George/Rod… Gentlemen:
It is indeed a pleasure to work with professionals! I sincerely appreciate your promptness, the candor of your evaluation and your extreme attention to detail. I was particularly grateful to the insights you provided to my wife and me to help us avoid future problems and to understand how everything is supposed to work. You took the time to answer all our questions in addition to providing us websites to further research our queries. Your friendly and courteous attitude coupled with your demonstrated knowledge of the latest building code developments helped to relieve much of the stress associated with the process of securing a new home. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I highly recommend you to any home buyer! True professionals!

Thanks again for your help. It was money well spent!

Rod Alston



George and Rod,
Thanks so much for all of your help in the purchase of our new home. We were on a very tight and unpredictable schedule, and you worked with us every step of the way to get our home inspected. Thanks for being so flexible. We would definitely recommend your professional services to anyone buying a home in San Antonio.

Thomas and Terri Nutt



George and Rod,
Thanks again for providing my inspection report so fast!

Even though I am buying a new construction one can’t be too cautious. I gave your report to the builder so they can fix everything before I close. I was very impressed by the quality of the report and the thoroughness of the inspection.

I received your name from a friend and will be giving your name to anyone that needs your services.

Word of mouth is a beautiful thing.




George and Rod:
Many thanks for the thorough inspection of the property and the timely and understandable reporting. Buying a house 50 years old can be full of surprises and problems. Many thanks for helping identify them before they were truly a surprise. It really helps me make a better decision.

Best Regards,
Brad Roach



Dear George and Rod:
It was a pleasure doing business with you, in the event that we purchase another home in San Antonio or the surrounding area we will certainly give you a call.

Sean Park



I just wanted to thank you for the home inspection. It was prompt, very thorough and professional. One of the reasons I selected you was because of the certification and training you have from your professional organization. Your report to us was very complete and also prompt. Thanks for your help. I would gladly recommend your services to others.

David Ross



George and Rod,
Thank you both for an outstanding job of inspecting our new home in Rockwall Ranch. You were prompt, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I was very surprised and pleased by the depth of your final report. I trust that we will have a much better home as a result of your inspection.

Regards, Danny Draper



George and Rod:
Thanks again for the great service you provided. I’ll be sure to recommend you to my friends.

Steve & Shannon Holdenried



Mr. Gitcho,
Thank you so much for the very thorough inspection report for 8676 Noble Lark. Could you please email me a receipt for this payment? I need to submit for reimbursement.

Mrs. Perez



I was very satisfied with my inspection. The inspectors were very professional and very thorough. I would recommend the services of this company to anyone requiring a real estate inspection.

Phyllis Lapaglia



Thanks Rod for such a great turn-around in providing me my inspection report. Your enthusiasm in your job was evident. I couldn’t think of a better real estate inspector!

Rosana Flores



We received your report this morning. THANK YOU again for your professionalism, and we will be giving your name and telephone number to anyone that we know who needs your services.

Leslie Martin



George –
Thanks for your help today. I appreciate your professionalism and the promptness of your service and feedback. Will let you know if I have further questions.




Thanks for taking the time to explain both the good and not so good stuff (easily fixed stuff) to me during the inspection. I was impressed by the thoroughness of the inspection and the quality of the report. I feel much more at ease going into the buying process with your report. Again, thanks!




Dear Mr. Gitcho,
Belated thanks for an EXCELLENT inspection. The report was thorough and well documented, with color photos in key areas. The services were reasonably priced. We bought the house (our first one), and the more I learn, the more I appreciate the level of detail in Mr. Gitcho’s inspection. He was also prompt and easy to work with. I highly recommend him.

J. Woo



Hello George,
Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with your professional and complete inspection of the property I want to purchase. I feel it is money well spent to give me peace of mind. I thank you for your prompt attention to my needs.

Mary C. Quillian



We are happy to recommend George Gitcho’s skills as a home inspector. This is the second residence he has inspected for us, and we have been quite pleased both times.

Richard & Mary West Traylor



Thanks, for a very complete inspection and report. We certainly appreciate the careful inspection and will work with the builder to complete all the repairs.

Thanks again,
Mary and Rick Smars



Thanks for your help on our home inspection. We have referred your name to several friends of ours and they may contact you in the near future.

Thanks again!



Mr. Gitcho:
Thank you for all of your and Rod’s help. I will recommend you guys to everyone.

Mike Dyson



We had a choice to use either the builder’s inspector, or hire a 3rd party inspector for our new home. We decided to hire George Gitcho and are glad we did. George was thorough, helpful and very informative. His associate Rod was able to find a well-hidden, out-of-the-way builder’s mistake, the fixing of which will save us a lot of money in electricity bills over the years. I will use George’s services again for my next home.

Greg and Thao Smith



Rod…first thanks for taking time off from your & George’s time to accomplish this inspection in such short notice.

You and George were true professionals. I appreciated that you both took time to let me know of the survey and also giving me pointers on what to look for. Rod, thanks for giving me some Home owner tips on caulking joints on outside wall and also on the squeaky garage door. Though they are small items–they can turn worse.

The experience was overall Outstanding!!

Thanks again.



George and Rod did a through inspection of our house before we closed on the property. They are very easy to work with, answered all my questions until I was satisified and clear. They were available for questions after we received the timely written report. They are business like, professional and yet have a great sense of humor. I would recommend them without any hesitation.

Carolyn and Dave Wells
Spring 2006



Rod and George provided a thorough inspection of the home we have just purchased. Their professional manner and valuable expertise gave us a peace of mind on all issues regarding a home inspection. It is evident that they carry a depth of experience that is a vital ingredient to any home buyer. We strongly recommend their services to anyone purchasing a home. It is simply the best money we have invested into our new home.

Alex and Nora Sanders



Hi Rod,
Thanks very much for the thorough inspection and thanks for taking the time to explain all the details.

We appreciate your help.




George and Rod:
Thanks for the inspection. I found your service to be very thorough and comprehensive.

I appreciate your friendly and professional approach.

Daniel Diaz



Rod and George:
Thank you for the inspection on our Autumn Dew home. You gave us a feeling of confidence regarding our decision to purchase this property.

If we need an inspection in the future, you will be the inspectors that we will call.

Thank you for a pleasant experience.
Benny and Connie



Thanks Rod…very thorough inspection. More than what I expected. I’d recommend your services to anyone.

Thanks again.
John Neeley



Thanks guys,
It turned out that your recommendation to have a hydrostatic test done after you found low water pressure was a great one. It turned out to be a foundation leak. You saved me thousands and I passed on the house.




I want to say thank you to George and Rod. Both were extremely professional, and polite. They each took time to show me around the house and explain everything to me. This is the first house I have ever bought and they took the extra time with me make sure I was comfortable. They were great! I highly recommend them!

Thank you again!
Tiffany L. Miller
Human Resources Director
Emily Morgan Hotel



Thank you for your prompt response and thorough inspection report on my son’s new house in Woodcreek. Also, thank you for your advice and cooperation in answering my questions. If somebody needs a Home Inspector, I will certainly recommend you. Al Reiter was right, you are the best.

Oscar Kuehner, (Richard Kuehner’s dad)



Hi Rod:
Thanks so much to both you and George for your professionalism and speed in completing our inspection. Your inspection of our pending property was quite thorough and the professional opinions about the deficiencies that were found as well as an assessment of their relative importance was most useful as a prospective homeowner. In addition, the speed at which your report was delivered, and the photographic documentation of deficiencies is making a relatively tightly-scheduled closing go smoothly. Finally, your suggestion of and reference to home modifications to protect our small children from hazards associated with home pool ownership showed both a high degree of concern for our well being and are above and beyond the scope of many home inspection services. I highly recommend you to any potential homebuyers.

David Glesne, PhD



George & Rod:
THANK YOU FOR SUCH QUICK RESPONSE! You came highly recommended by Cade Jackson as someone who would be very thorough and professional. This home is being purchased for our daughter (an only child), son-in-law, and two precious grandsons and it is very important to me to know what problems, if any, we might be purchasing. Your report was easy to understand and very helpful in our decision-making process. $192,500 is lot of dough!

Thanks, again.
Mary Lee West, Broker (and Grandma)



George & Rod:
Thank you for the report, I was very pleased with the quality and detail. I will be placing full payment in the mail tomorrow.

Daniel Kovac



Utilizing George Gitcho’s services provided me the peace of mind in knowing that my home was free from any major defects. It also let my homebuilder know the areas that needed to be addressed prior to closing. This allowed me to focus primarily on the cosmetics of my house since George Gitcho already inspected everything else. They were efficient, professional, and thorough. Having that peace of mind prior to closing is highly recommended!

Charles R.Frames



George and Rod are great. Their inspections are very thorough and the attached photo’s are extremely helpful. Their first inspection helped to prevent me from getting into a situation where a lot of major repairs would have been needed. Their second inspection was just as helpful. I feel really confident about my decision to buy the house knowing it was carefully looked over. Thanks!!!

Karin Tillotson



Thank you so much for the very thorough home inspection done with such a high professional standard. If I ever need another house inspected, you can expect my business. Thanks also for the helpful tips on general house maintenance and the repair venders list, two added bonuses completely unexpected but greatly appreciated.




George & Rod,
Thank you for doing such a great job inspecting my new home. Because of your careful work the builder made thousands of dollars in repairs before I closed on the house. I would gladly recommend your services to others!

Best wishes,
Travis White
Live Oak, TX



Dear Rod and George,
Thank you for a thorough and efficient inspection. Your courtesy and professionalism were much appreciated. We would certainly recommend you to others desiring to have a home inspection.

David and Martha Burleson



Rod Stewardson,
Thank you for your recent inspection. You were extremely thorough and
went above and beyond our expectations. We are a first time buyer of a
condominium and had no idea what to look for. Your experience and insight
was extremely beneficial. Even though our unit was new, we thought that
everything would be fine and in working order. Your evaluation was
helpful when it came time to close.

Thanks again for all your help.
Mike Sculley



We highly recommend George Gitcho and Rod Stewardson Professional Real Estate Inspectors. They identified serious roof and maintenance issues on one home so we decided to exercise our option and avoid buying a home that needed significant repairs. In addition to a thorough inspection, they also provided us with a prompt inspection report electronically in less than 24 hours. We also employed them for a subsequent inspection – which was much more to our liking.

Mike & Nancy Devine



Dear Rod,
You did wonderful job on the inspection, detailed, honest, and very professional. The report format is superb, thorough, clear, and easy to understand. I strongly recommend home buyers in the San Antonio area use a George Gitcho Home Inspection expert as their reliable source during the home purchase process.

Thanks again for your outstanding work.




Thank you for inspecting the property we are about to purchase on such short notice to you. You did a great job and quick. The report you sent with pictures, by e-mail was very exact and precise. Your professionalism is appreciated.

Lauro Lopez Jr.



George & Rod,
I want to thank you both for all the help you provided in the selection of my new home. This is my first home purchase, and I appreciate the time you spent to answer all my questions. Thanks to your thorough review(s), I terminated a contract on the initial house and have now ended up with a contract on a house that better fits my needs! Your inspection was invaluable in both instances. Additionally, the sellers of the current home have agreed to the majority of repairs detailed in your report. Again, I really appreciate the help you and Rod provided. I would NOT have any hesitation in recommending your services to future clients.

Patricia Jones



Thank you for the great job you did on our recent home inspection. Your work resulted in over $1,200 savings on the purchase of our new home. I classify that as a great return on our investment! Keep up the good work.

Rob Durkee



Dear George,
We have used your services twice recently and in both cases have been extremely impressed and pleased with the work of your firm. I recommend your services without reservation to any prospective client and will not even think about using anyone else in the future.

Jim Scoggin



George and Rod,
Your professionalism and thoroughness in conducting our home inspection is much appreciated. We’ve been through a few home inspections over the years, but we’ve never received a report as comprehensive as yours. You exceeded our expectations, and we’d be happy to recommend you to others.

We intend to stay in our current home for several more years, and were looking for a “roadmap” to follow in making necessary improvements and upgrades, before ultimately putting it on the market. Your many customized narratives, and especially the digital photos, provide plenty of detail and give our report long-term usefulness.

As we’re relative newcomers to San Antonio, the detailed list of contractors (by trade) was a great “bonus”. So far the ones we’ve contacted have been terrific!

Thanks again from very satisfied customers.
Mike and Pam Steding



I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your professionalism, thoroughness and attention to detail during the two inspections you have conducted for me. The time you took to discuss your compliments and concerns was invaluable and much appreciated. On both occasions, the quick turnaround on your written report, along with the digital pictures, helped expedite the repair process with minimal complaint from either seller.

I will definitely recommend your services to others and am always available as a reference.

Thanks again,
Don Hambly



Your inspection confirmed our choice of house. This is without doubt the most thorough and professional home inspection I’ve ever had. I really appreciate how you took the time to explain your observations as well as answer all my questions. The report is easy to read and the photos really help.

I am happy to endorse your service and will recommend you in the future.

Dan Crawford



Thank you for the report. After we finish talking to our builder, we may have more questions based on what he says.

We would like you to know that we were very pleased with the inspection and report. We felt it was very thorough and having the pictures was a tremendous help in understanding the problems. This was also very helpful when talking to our builder about fixing the problems. We would definitely recommend your services.


Todd and Susan Foltz



Hi George,
I consider the inspection report that you made for me one of the best investments that I have made ever! As an out of town owner, who knows nothing about construction, it would have been impossible for me to spot some of the items you noted in your inspection report.

Please feel free to use my name and enthusiastic recommendation anytime that you wish!


Kim Patridge
Long Beach, California

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