Recommended Home Repair VendorsRod’s List of Recommended for Home Repair

The following links take you to vendors recommended by Rod Stewardson.

They can help you better prepare your home prior to an inspection, and can also help you fix items identified during your home inspection.

To prevent or eliminate insect infestations: Stout Pest Control

For service of home or business septic systems: Van Delden Waste Water Systems

For home plumbing repairs: Quarter Moon Plumbing


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I was most impressed by the recent home inspection performed by Derek of Rod Inspects. Derek was very professional and provided a 40-page report of the property. He took some time to explain his concerns and answer my questions. My experience with the company and ease of booking the appointment through the online service, along with follow-up from the office was ideal. I highly recommend them, and I’ve already contracted with them again for an inspection on another property. – Review of Rod Inspects By Marguerite Avery

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At Rod Inspects, LLC, we provide expert home inspection services that will help you make an informed decision about the property you’re interested in purchasing. A home inspection is an in-depth examination of a home’s condition. It is important to have a home inspection prior to making an offer on a property. The home inspection report will provide information about the property’s condition, which will help you negotiate with the seller.

The cost of a home inspection is a small price to pay for peace of mind when making one of the biggest purchases of your life. Call (210) 255-3134 Today or Click To Schedule Online 24/7 Right From Our Website.

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